Turkey Eligibility

Universities In Turkey

Why Study in Turkey?


Eligibility Criteria


Minimum Education: 12 Year Minimum
Percentage(%): 60%
Fee Structure: 2000 $ Per Year


Minimum Education: 16 Year Minimum
CGPA: 2.30
Fee Structure: 3000 $ Per Year


Registration Fee: 60 Euro
Before Admission Fee: 340 Euro (50 % Refundable)
After Admission Fee: 400 Euro
Total: 800 Euro
Bank Statement of the last 3 month Rs-5 Lakh

Documents Required

Passport (JPEG Format)
Picture (Passport Size JPEG Format)
Educational Documents Matric To Onward (JPEG Format)
Reference Letter from College / University (JPEG Format)
Motivational Letter (MS Word)
Curriculum Vitae (MS Word)

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