Study In Italy


Affordable destination
for international students

Italy is one of the most affordable countries in Europe where you can study abroad and that goes for tuition fees and living costs as well.

Average tuition for all degree types: 850 to 1,000 EUR/year
Average living expenses: 700 to 1,000 EUR/month for housing, food, transportation and fun
Most expensive cities: Rome, Milan and Bologna
Cheaper cities: Pisa, Padua, or Turin
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Easy ways to travel the country

Italy allows you to ‘jump’ a bus or train for just a few Euros to escape from the cold and foggy Milano, or from the chaotic Bologna, to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Almost every big city is also perfectly connected to European and non-European countries with 87 airports. You can easily travel by train, all the bigger Italian cities are interconnected with 77 (main-) railway stations. That makes life easier for many students that do not like travelling by car or by plane.

The ridiculous
graduation ritual

In Italy, graduate students have to go through a ridiculously funny ritual. After the official ceremony, students dress up in goofy costumes (usually a giant diaper, a hula skirt, or a funny hat), sit on a bench and wait for their peers and family to clutter them with either ketchup, eggs or other food substances. Students also hang around posters representing caricatures with an embarrassing anecdote of their colleagues.


Amazing World-Class Cities

Italy is a country with so many beautiful places to see and experience—but four of them are world-renowned for being among the top destinations for any traveler. The history of Rome goes back more than 2800 years and you’ll find evidence of its history at every turn. Once known as the “capital of the world” the city of Rome is home to incredible architecture, the famous catacombs, and even houses Vatican City—also known as the smallest country in the world!


Tasty, Tasty Food

What could be better than freshly baked bread dipped in some brilliantly flavored Tuscan olive oil? Or some oysters on the coast with a squeeze of lemon and little else? And don’t forget the pizza in Naples made with those famous San Marzano tomatoes—or the gelatos and Italian ices to be found on any street throughout. Feeling like you want to explore Sicilian foods? No problem—eat your fill of arancini (fried rice balls) and wash them down with some sweet Marsala wine. Whatever your tastes, if you enjoy fresh flavors and a Mediterranean profile, if you study in Italy—no matter where you are, you’ll find it there!

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A Focus on Health

The Mediterranean diet isn’t the only thing that makes study abroad in Italy a popular choice for those concerned with health and wellness. Italy provides an incredibly comprehensive health care program for all its citizens—and Italians rank lower than average in health problems and illness, and higher than average on life expectancy and wellness-markers. If you want to study the impact of cuisine and lifestyle on health, or work in medicine and diagnostics, you’ll find options for exceptional study abroad programs in Italy focusing on these subjects in cities like Pavia, Palermo, Rome, and Milan.


All That Culture…
Art, Architecture, Music, Theater, and More!

Italy is known for its contributions to Western culture—particularly in the areas of art, architecture, music, literature, and theater. If you want to study music, try Perugia—or any of the big four cities (Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan). If you’re drawn to architecture, you can find the influences of Italy’s oldest northern city in Padua—founded by the Trojans in 1183 BC and home to the university where Galileo once taught. Studying abroad in Italy puts you right in the middle of history—and any student can appreciate that!


European Education

The European education – this is the door which opens many opportunities. And if we are talking about a country like Italy, then there is no doubt about graduation and prospects. Here are 10 reasons among the diversity of the proposals that allow us boldly choose universities of Italy:

A wide variety of universities and specialties. The humanitarian, economic, technical, legal professions – the choice here is really serious.

Learning Italian on the excellent level. After studying and living in the country the graduate will be able to add to a resume another language, which is a huge advantage when searching for a good job.

Here is one of the most powerful education in the field of fashion. Accademia Costume & Mode, Domes Academy, the Institute of European Design – universities where you can start .