Welcome to KHM Group

We are committed to serve the world at our best. KHM is catering from last 9 years to private and government entities, nationally and internationally. We are worthy contributors in Human Resource management services, consultancy service, travel and tourism, technical services audit and taxation services, property consultancy and general trading. Our exclusively crafted niche placement services are most.

About KHM Consultancy

We are Dubai based company operating in Pakistan. We are working on several projects. KHM student consultancy project started in in year 2018 is a world class service provider in field of education and immigration to Italy, Germany, China, Australia, and USA. KHM Consultancy student’s counseling programs are based on international models for the provision of foreign study counseling services. We are committed to provide Students the best educational consultation possible. We have excellent educational partners across globe. We have very capable team consists of ten highly educated and trained student counselors. The impetus for the founding of KHMSC lies preliminary in the desire of the management to provide undergraduate and postgraduate students with a qualified consultation for international study programs abroad offered by international schools, colleges and universities.


Muhammad Khalid

Being Masters in Economics from Friedrich Schiller University of Jena and
Masters in Global Entrepreneurship from the University of Insurbia, Mr. Khalid is working as a student counsellor in KHM consultancy. He deals with the clients for
Sweden, Belgium, and Norway. His efforts in terms of effectively communicating
his ideas in front of clients are simply outstanding and momentous. His services in
KHM Consultancy are amazing and highly acknowledgeable.

Ikram Rasool

Ikram Rasool is Director of Sales and Marketing at KHM Consultancy. He is a vigilant and ambitious leader of the team at KHM Consultancy who himself stated his sky-high vision as: “Our passion is to establish KHM Consultancy (PVT) LTD. as a response to incessant inquiries by many parents and students on how they could go abroad for further studies. As evident, we established this company on behalf of KHM Group and professional response to the aspirations of those who are ready to approach going abroad for further studies in a legal and less painful way. With vast experience in the Foreign Educational Systems, KHM Consultancy is the most authoritative company to assist prospective study abroad students from around the Pakistan to realize their dreams of studying abroad through counseling and professional educational services. We provide vital services to obtain admission to popular courses in premium institutions abroad. Ours is a cost-effective service package that ensures complete support and guidance right from pre-application through admission processes. Our highly dedicated and committed team strives to achieve excellence in the field of Study Abroad and I am honored to be the leader of this team. With a keen focus on legally-obtained admission to premium universities abroad, we are steadfast in our mission of assisting students and their parents to have stress-free experience in the admission process. We work closely with prospective students to submit genuine transcripts of their academic credentials and proven sources of funding. We also work closely with relevant educational and consular establishments to serve our students in fulfilling their academic dreams. We look forward to answering your questions and providing you effective and professional assistance for your study abroad needs. We do it right and we get results!”

Mazhar Saleem

Mazhar Saleem holds degree of Masters in Economics and Entrepreneurship from University of Cassino, Italy. He is our experienced student counselor, who has experience of 10 years in the field of student consultancy. He expressively and powerfully conveys his research and understanding regarding study in Germany, Italy, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey as well as USA to our clients. He always puts forward massive opportunities in a fluent manner to the students worried about their higher education, and expressively resolves their confusion and hesitation regarding study in foreign educational institutions.

Mansoor Warraich

Mansoor is serving as a Branch Manager in KHM consultancy. He completed
his degree of LLB, and devoted himself for helping the youth regarding their future studies at our platform. He has excellent communication skills through which he can motivate his students or clients, and help them out by sorting their confusion and indecision regarding best international educations. He clearly guides the students by providing the higher education opportunities at their doorstep, and powerfully revolutionizes their careers and future goals. We really laud him for his exceptional efforts for KHM Consultancy. Surely, his well-articulated nature renders him befitting for this post of counseling.

Dr. Muhammad Adnan

Dr. Muhammad Adnan is our honorable student counselor, who devoted his life for the betterment and guidance of the passionate students, particularly the ones interested in the field of medicine. He himself holds the degree of MBBS from Kyrgyzstan, and now as a professional student counselor he actively guides the students about studying medicine is the esteemed medical institutions of Kyrgyzstan. Being a counselor, He has excellent communication skills and expertise by which he can convey important information in an intelligible and comprehensible way.

Khurram Shahzad

Khurram Shahzad is our highly dedicated team member, who as a social media executive, actively participates in company’s web designing, team management, and graphic designing related tasks. He is having good leadership skills through which he can influence others to reach established goals. At present, he is carrying out all his duties to the best of his potential, and successfully serving the company in an adequately energetic manner.

Muhammad Asif

Muhammad Asif is a student counselor at KHM Consultancy. A graduate from University of the Punjab Lahore. Having a fabulous track record of success in different multinational firms including WCT Berhad Kuala Lumpur. Very energetic and passionate in counseling students. He is a proud member of KHM Consultancy.

Muhammad Moeez

Muhammad Moeez is working as a student counselor in KHM GROUP of companies. He has expertise in student education consultancy!!

Komal Mushtaq

Komal Mushtaq. Recently I have done my master’s degree from education universitiy lahore. now I am a student counsellor at KHM Consultancy Lahore office.

Mutahram Ali

I am Mutahram Ali. I have done Msc Mass Communication specialization in Advertising and P.R from LCWU. I have 5 year experience as a Media Manager. Currently I m working as Student counselor at KHM Consultancy Lahore.

Akhtar Abbas

A very prominent part of KHM team and is a proud member.Played a key role as a Umrah manager in a reputable firm.Having handling admission since last 6 years..Handles admissions very professionaly.High rate of success shows his firm devotional strategies toward professionalism.

Abdul Rehman

I am Rana Abdul Rehman. I have done BFA (Hons) from University of Education. I am a Graphic Designer in KHM Consultancy. About my Design there are three responses to a piece of design (yes) (No) and (Wow). Wow is the one of aim for me.

Muhammad Bilal

Muhammad Bilal is a significantly big name in the world of welfare
organizations as well as journalism. He is a noble man of diversified caliber and multiple talents, who is currently engaged in a long list of sufficiently worthwhile and socio-friendly activities. He is serving as our university coordinator, and manages our association and coordination with esteemed universities and institutions. Additionally, he is also the chairman of a well-known and essentially recognized youth organization Takhmeer-e-Nau Pakistan (TNP), and in this regard, his efforts as a social worker and righteous humanitarian are impressively remarkable and notable. He has never limited himself to a certain point, rather has always kept on moving on and on for the betterment of his own self and for the betterment of society. He is also a renowned columnist, journalist and anchor, who highlights crucial social issues by using his pen. We respect his honest services for the company.